In a dialogue between the habitants of Schmalkalden and guests from all over the world, new perspectives on Jewish life in Schmalkalden are created - With open eyes and open arms.

As part of the project, international artists are invited to open up a lively discourse on Jewish history in Schmalkalden through art in public spaces. The murals created in this series are intended to sensitise young and old for a culture of remembrance and encourage to reflect on our social coexistence.

On the occasion of the theme year 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany and 900 years of Jewish life in Thuringia, an encounter festival is taking place in Schmalkalden from September 3rd to 5th 2021.
The programme includes art in public spaces, music, film, workshops and discussions with contemporary witnesses and descendants of the former Jewish community of Schmalkalden.
Visitors also have the opportunity to take part in special tours of the historic mikvah and guided tours of the town and to experience Schmalkalden's Jewish history.

The project was initiated by the cultural association "Villa K" e.V. and conducted in cooperation with the city council of Schmalkalden, the Wohnungsbau GmbH and the architectural office VierRaum Architektur.