FUKS map


How it works


Terms of use



How it works


Register at Milchhalle
(Weidebrunner Gasse 6).

Get the code for the lock.

2. USE

Check at the FUKS stations
to see if a free bike is available.
Bikes on other places are in use.

Use the code to open the lock.

Check if the bike is in working order.

Enjoy your ride!


Please return the FUKS bike
at least after 1 hour of use.

Please try to return the bike
at another station
from which
you got it from.


Please take a photo of the station
after getting or bringing back a bike
and send it to the Telegram group.

Let uns know
if a bike has a defect.

Terms of use

Here you can find the terms of use for FUKS.

Here you can find the disclaimer for the use of the FUKS-bikes.

Free rental bikes for Schmalkalden
Für unsere kurzen Strecken–

FUKS is a free rental bike offer based on donated bikes. The FUKS bikes can be found at four stations in the city and are available for free use after registration at Milchhalle (Weidebrunner Gasse 6). The project is organized and operated by committed citizens with the support of the city of Schmalkalden.

FUKS thrives on your support!

We are a social project and not as a service. That‘s why we really rely on your help: Please help to distribute the bikes to the stations in the city so that, if possible, no station stays empty. If you notice a defect on a bike, please write us an email or fix it yourself, if you can. If you would like to support us, to increase the number of bicycles, please help us with screwing or with a donation for spare parts. We are always happy to receive feedback – either at Milchhale or by email to:

FUKS – an experiment

Can we bring FUKS to life together in our everyday lives? Can we manage to handle the rental bikes with care? Are there committed people who will help with the necessary tasks? Can we all together make the town more attractive and co-work with the city council to improve the infrastructure for bicycle mobility? Join us in this experiment and participate!

What motivates us

For us, Schmalkalden is a city of short distances. We ourselves do a lot by bike, and that usually means we‘re much faster than by car. We don‘t have any parking problems, don‘t get stuck in traffic jams, can ride through the city center and often meet familiar faces. That‘s why we love the city.
With this project, we want to motivate more Schmalkalden residents to use bikes more often and to inspire students to ride into the city cetre more regularly. We can all benefit from this: the restaurateurs, the retail trade, the market traders, the environment and, last but not least, ourselves - because exercises keep you healthy.